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Types Of Software Companies

A 640 BC one-third stater coin from Lydia. 

Technology i.e. science and Management are two pillars of IT shops.The main theme behind separating these two terms is because of the ways these terms shape the culture of company.

The visible attributes of the the companies which value Technology as equal as Business are their software engineers/techies are to be believed as most precious entity in the organization.These companies are trendsetter in their own chosen field of work.The designation does not matter for raising your voice in arguments and expressing contradicting views to that of your colleagues[read your bosses if you are in management stuffed company].You can be your very own in such a environment.You can practice your craziness and spit out any damn idea or coin a new funky term,the only thing that matters is how good you are in your work.
These companies are often run by media shy and only get recognized by their products or when they broke out their new innovations.

On the other hand,there are companies that value Business more than technology.In such setups,software engineers/techies are treated like commodities.These companies are mostly flourished and dominated by some kind of management degree holders.These folks believes on laying down strict sense of organizational structure.These companies are more often profit tearing companies.The way they operate is more frequently like any other manufacturing unit.You can here lot of meeting agendas and close door discussions.Employees are more often pointed to their policies and often seen having water cooler gossiping etc.These have very good frontal face as they had good PR,Marketing departments those pays heed towards media.

Think for a while and comment about Where are you working now?

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