Hiring Developers

Recruitment is the most important thing in learning organization. It can change the every aspect of your organization. You hire right people with right attitude, give them chance to flourish and they can turn your SME into fast, responsive well oiled machine which is ready to adapt to any kind of business challenge. In fact I think this is so crucial that if I am the CEO then, I must have taken part into interviews of prospective hire.

Nowadays developers know all fancy and shiny things and their resumes are flooded with the buzzwords such as web 2.0, WPF,WF ;but very few have mastered the art of computer science. I think basic developer should not fall into the trap of these buzzwords and go for building the sustainable portfolio. If you are a polyglot programmer that is good thing in today’s market, but you should be really a master of at least one technology.

Many Developers try to pretend to know everything that existed in the world that might be from MS-Office [don’t laugh! I had seen such resumes where people come for senior developer post and they even mentioned MS-Office in Skill set!] to WPF and WCF.

These are really jargon driven people who just think that they are commodity stocks.

In my opinion what senior developers should possess is;they should be at least good in algorithms. Not some Google’s page rank kind of algorithms but just real ground work algorithms like searching sorting and building up stack queues will be good enough.

Second most important thing is ,they should not be so much affectionate to some language’s syntactical curry rather I dare to say that even if they can write some good pseudo code I am fine with them.

Concept Implementation and differentiation is also good area where senior developers could look at. Inheritance, polymorphism implementation in various OO languages like C++, PHP, C# or Java should be known.

Last but not the least they should possess some good hobby that they really care about. Yes, this is crucial to look at from wide angle into life and things that falls beside computer knowledge. It will surely help them to grow into a good leader or good team player.

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2 thoughts on “Hiring Developers

  1. Pratik Patel

    This is what I was looking for since long. Its a direction which is not visible to many. Keep your thoughts flowing in. Good go!


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