Celebration-50th Post

Just realized that this is going to be my 50th post! It’s kind of a milestone for me. So, I thought to write a good post on this occasion but wait a minute! Rather than posting some serious ga-ga, the craziness bug bites me and here I am just celebrating this with YouTube!!

Many people in corporate world think that You-tube is not for programmers, developers or who that are involved in software. Since, Software development is serious, but what they miss is techie people also love to enjoy their craftsmanship and off course, they do it in their own style. In fact, some companies go to the extent that they block the YouTube. I know there are some, hiding between us and because of them, their unprofessionalism, everybody had to lose the good value that is coming out of YouTube and other social sites.

I usually surf YouTube for some good stuff like Google Tech Talks as well as Google Developer days as well as Thought works events like this.

Apart from all that stuff, I also enjoy code-monkey variations that are created by so many people out there. Today, also on this celebration here I am presenting the Programmers song, Hope you will enjoy these as you enjoyed reading out my blog.

also enjoy damn crazy variation from Roy from PDC

After this celebration, am going to put future direction of this blog.

1.      Changing the direction from to-fro writing to much disciplined and focused writing.

2.      Now onwards, you can expect more technical day to day stuff like web development, programming problems, tips and tricks, tools and some insights.

3.      More posts about solving the problems of SME/SMB developers.

4.      More posts about how to optimize operations function in SMB.

I think this agenda will keep busy for another milestone.

I know that there is a long way to go and this is just a humble beginning…but we have to believe, CHANGE CAN HAPPEN.

So, stay tuned

“Picture abhi baki hai mere dost!”


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