Google chrome download page rendering issue

There is a great ga ga going on about new product from G-stable. Every Google product has come to excellence so this evening I thought let’s try out this one too. Anyway, I am as also a long time user of beloved Gmail.

So, I browsed to download page of the Google chrome which is and and…..WAIT, my expert surfer’s skeptic eyes seen something that is going wrong…

Oh, Boy! They had problem with designing the average screen. Can you believe it ‘Google the search giant and the web company who had already taken over the internet had problem with a small drop-down box on their download page’.

Wait a minute..So I decided to change my browser from Firefox to IE …and everything seems to be OK!!

Suddenly many questions are popping around my mind…

So, does this is a signal from Google for Firefox?

Is Google one giant going to handshake with another giant’s product??Is it signal of change of strategy?

Does this mean that Google is still agrees with saying”To err is Human”

Or Does it simple mean that techies are still somewhere had problem with marketing…

Or may be sheer fatigue (? or joy) of building the chrome had taken over the developing page of its download and had not tested on every browser?

It must be from last possibility…at least I hope so…

I had taken screens of this…Here look from your own eyes view…

Google Chrome download page in Firefox

Chrome on Firefox

Google Chrome download page in IE 7.0

Chrome on IE

I think I am the first person to report this. But anyway, I as most Google users, can live with this. Sometimes, It’s better to be human than excellence searching machines.

Advantage ” DO NO EVIL”.


One thought on “Google chrome download page rendering issue

  1. TechZilla

    I think this is not big of a deal to worry about, there are more important issues that we have to look at at Chrome


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