Indian IT in different perspective

SOA is gaining its ground and here to stay as a business strategy for cutting the operational costs and gaining the profit margins.
Actually problem with SOA is its a part of technology and part of business.When I say its a part of technology do not ignore it or categorize in some IT budget head,it is certainly be a big ponderously mistake if you look SOA from that respect only.

In today’s techno-strategical world,You as a business head have to use SOA or any IT system of your organization as a strategic weapon for curbing the problems to have increase your customer base or to serve your customer well.
There are plenty of examples that can be sited here and here.Recently,I have been going thru fsterpoue and found impressive trails of SOA implementations in biggies who manages billions and trillions of cash.

Euro Banking giant Grupo Santander’s CIO Jose maria fuster,explains aggresively how they used SOA.

The maturity of some industry standards such as SOA or XML is making the integration of commercial packages easier and more efficient than some years ago.” He goes on to describe the captive outsourcing model used to create and support certain elements of Santander’s technology assets. Here, corporate factories offer worldwide, specialised services to the bank in critical IT functions.

He also further emphasises on the change management of organization through technology,beautifully quotes

“deep in our DNA, we have strong capabilities for software implementation and change management.”

In Indian scenarios,big or large manufacturing comapnies are still struggling to change the mindset of their executives where they struggle with IT systems optimum use and changes that would be brought by such implementations.We know Indian Manufactruing sector is booming ,we can hear as well as the same story for retail,real estate etc sectors.

The key for Indian industry as a whole is to leaverge India’s much celebrated IT services success to use at home as well.On the brighter note,ITC had set the example from their e-choupal and other IT initiatives.


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