Customer comes first but customer is not a king!!

Certainly in this fierce competitive world organization has to put its customers first. They need to understand their customer base and his/her likes and dislikes. It is very hard to create a differentiation and distinction in short memory and over communicated world.

I believe business should be done on mutual benefits. It’s not only one sided process. Customer should be always put at first but he/she should not detect each and every thing that has been their inside business. Otherwise, this exercise will lead to greater harm to the provider as well as provide a very superficial or no value at all to customer.

In our IT business, many times as employee the impression had created that you need to do crappy things as well if your customer says to do so and you should not hold any value of your own. In this situation, it is difficult to deal with the customers and most of the times employees of provider organization suffer. The client should also have to its provider organization and people working there as well as their culture and past. The client must have to understand that it is very beneficial for him as well if they want to have a greater values provided to them as service from provider organization. It will create a win-win situation for all.

Business should always establish harmony and satisfaction in involved parties and not the mistrust or misunderstandings and stress. The by-product of good business always provides good return and even sometimes surprising results which both parties often not expected from the people involved in the entire business life cycle.


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