Use of GhostDoc- Auto commenting tool for C#

Working Smart is the way of new era and it applies to every field of life.
We,as developers are very lazy to comment down our code [personally I feel comments are needed when our code is not self-explanatory].So why not work smart??
GhostDoc comes to rescue us and also provides uniformation to our commenting.

How To:

1. Install GhostDoc Setup as per installation wizard.Please close all instances of visual studio 2005,if it is open.After successful installation,When you will open Visual studio 2005, GhostDoc asks us to assign the shortcut key.We can assign any key that is provided by GhostDoc or go with default combination of [shift] + [ctrl] + D as shown in figure below.

GhostDoc Installation
2. After selecting your key combination,Press Assign and GhostDoc will create the configuration for you.So press “create” button on the next screen as shown below.

GhostDoc Installation

3. On the next screen of wizard,GhostDoc shows how your GhostDoc is configured in Visual studio 2005.Press “Finish” to complete the configuration process.

Step 3

4. Now is the interesting part of using GhostDoc as real lifesaver for developer,Just open any of your visual studio project and place your cursor inside any method or event definition.After right clicking you can observe that GhostDoc has appeared in the context menu like shown below:

Step 4

5. And Now,click on “Document this” menu. BANG! comments for that methods are generated like shown below.You can use the key combination that assigned by you in previous steps.

Step 5

GhostDoc can be useful for

  1. Maintaining uniform commenting standard
  2. Time saver for developers with Maintaining the quality of code.
  3. With GhostDoc,You can generate the comments for methods,event definitions or properties.

Limitations for GhostDoc:

  1. GhostDoc will generate useful comments if method names are meaningful.
  2. GhostDoc does not generate comments for class members or variables or class level comments.

To Find more on GhostDoc:

Feel free to get in touch with me for any clarification/suggestion and enjoy Working smart!


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