Agile Life

Some people to whom we meet at our workplace does not held respect for your knowledge or even they do not care for your eger to learn and ask your doubts. In just few days I got to see such people.My only problem is “I am passionate about techology and about my work and always want to device better ways to do my task”.

These people laugh at me and make fun out of my suggestions/questions.But I did not argue with them.Why the hell should I argue?? I do not want my energy or knowledge to be wasted in such enviornment and I am very keen on this.Let their own ignorance kill them! I might sound judgemental,I know but this is how I am.

Old guys can stick to pressman[I honour Dr.Pressman.I m talking about the attitude].We are YOUNG and PASSIONATE HUMAN BEINGS!

so we’ll follow martin-

 and this is for the people who thinks both ends can not meet:

some people can require proofs,they can read the reality:


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