Tellme Acquisition by Microsoft

This is the largest private acquisition by Microsoft.The deal’s value goes more than 800 million USD.
Tellme Networks, a private company that provides automated speech-recognition services for Domino’s Pizza (NYSE:DPZ), FedEx (NYSE:FDX), and others, as well as automated directory assistance. (Try it out by dialing 800-555-TELL).

while going through interview of its CEO,Mike McCue on Fast Company, what captivates my mind is his quotes about the making company public.

Mike said

” Going public feels great–and then the next day, you wake up and realize you have all these expectations. It’s very hard to innovate and leap forward as a young public company when you need to hit quarterly goals.”

Generally,Companies try very hard to make its IPO a buzz in stock market or atleast this is the scene that is visible to me as public.But after going public,I just realised how much more efforts are needed to keep your comapany’s stock high and rising despite tremedous pressure and other internal-external factors.

Who ever opening a company and having a plan to go public in future should consider this quotes very seriously.

Mike ,when asked about the potential of voice market ,has predicted that its going to be huge [$15 billion to $20 billion market] .

Hmmm…I think its right time to learn Voice based technologies like voiceXML.If anybody knows how to start and from where…please drop a comment or  mail me.


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