Software Factory Evangelism

Software factory is awesome concept that is picking up the ground and Microsoft is promoting it now on its MSDN center of architecture.

I learned about the concept while digging the MSDN about the MDA(Model Driven Architecture). MDA had been there since a long in Industry but not many implementations are being done,but now things are changing.

I tried to convince and off course, market it into my organization.A lot many key people had shown the interest in this and they are quite excited that this is gonna a practical thing not a pooh pooh theory.I had given the presentation with Nishith,our system architect. Find my version uploaded here.Software factories-Introduction.

In upcoming days,I have to take a lot of care not to hurt anybody while doing this cause yesterday,I think I became a bit aggressive on my tech front.Damn it!But,That is how I when things come to technology.


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