Man Against Machine

While surfing the internet I came across

The site is of search engine.Nay…No big deal we have a google,yahoo,live and so many others.But the interesting fact is this search engine doesn’t have any search bot kind of thing or some algorithm behind them.

It is For the Humans and By the Human thing, and yes! this is the fantastic thing.Since long time I am searching for the search engine or say listing which are build manually or something like that.I know that there is “yahoo directories ”  but UI doesn’t appealed me much.Look at my new-find and probably your expression would be “WOW” web 2.o stuff.

I know that its not technologically much challenging to do it as mahalo.But IMHO,we should back up such kind of experiments.

There are majorly 3 reasons for this.

1. Its created by human beings and not the machines.

2. As the first reason goes, the system will not have feel(??) of monotonousness.

3. If it becomes successful and million of users join this efforts like project Gutenberg or wikipedia or Digg, then my prediction is that internet users will always sick precise information within less time though Google has philosophy ” user should leave there homepage as quickly as possible.”

Aha! one more thing you must be guessing (or had googled) for what is the meaning of mahalo? its Hawaiian way of saying “Thank you”.

Please note that I am no way affiliated with mahalo .


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