Ideas for betterment of organization

we can build domain specific factories derived from MS software factories.That can constitute the family of domain specific solutions which is made up of patterns,reusable components.

Refer for building domain specific solutions :

2.a] Create a id or idea ticket in your organization’s MIS as we create ticket for admin or software support.Assign section (eg.product idea,business idea,sales idea etc.) to those.
this will be helpful when leadership is not present in premises or for any other reason team member couldn’t convey idea.
2.b] Give a section where visitor of our site(potential client/actual client/any interested person) can also submit his idea.

Also person who submitted his idea can track about how it is going to be processed.

You can see the kinda example of this on virgin‘s website.

3.Build a center of excellance in organization.
Create a pool of experts in one domain/technologies to whom other developers or team members can ask any relevent question.

So far, I can plan for this in my organization and not implement it right away, coz i  am just a yet another software developer from thousand’s pool.

but Fire is Still Burning inside to make to the top.


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